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User Success Stories

  • Recently joined the Lifetime membership, currently enjoying engaging challenges. Thanks for making us better! Truly grateful for this awesome learning experience!
    Mike D.
  • Excited to share I've aced all free easy questions! The platform is AMAZING! the questions are on point and trains you on different aspects every time. Thank you for sharing this with us
  • I'm a fan of Alex's YouTube videos, but the Analyst Builder takes it up a notch. Offers detailed insights and enhances understanding. Practice questions aid in step-by-step learning is applicable to real projects. An amazing experience for an online learner!
  • Completed challenging questions, revisited easy ones for enjoyment. Kudos for attention to detail and passion, reflecting a keen understanding. The initiative educates and incentivizes. Eagerly await more in the future!
  • Analyst Builder is an incredible hub for data analysis! Analyst Builder is shaping analysts in an amazing way. Excited to conquer Python. Congrats, and let's lift each other as this platform grows

Why Choose Analyst builder.

Video Walkthroughs on all questions

Video Walkthroughs on all questions

Video Walkthroughs help you LEARN how to think and solve the question, not just give you the answer.

Analyst Focused Courses

Each course is taught from the perspective of a Data Analyst and will walk through the thought process and implementation of those skills.

Analyst Focused Courses
Integrated Coding Workspace

Integrated Coding Workspace

Write your code in our intuitive online editor and practice your technical skills.

Other Platforms
100+ Practice Questions
Guided Format
Data Analyst Focused
Video Explanations
Full Length Courses
Multiple Programming Languages
Expert Experienced Instructors
All in One Platform

Try the Editor

Practice with real databases

With our online editor, you can practice using three different kinds of SQL - MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server - all with syntax highlighting to help you see your code more clearly. You can develop your skills using real-world examples and get comfortable working with different database syntaxes.

Test your code in real time

As you write SQL queries in the editor, you'll be able to see the results of your code right away. This instant feedback makes it easy to experiment with different approaches and troubleshoot issues as you go, helping you learn more efficiently and effectively.

Customise your learning experience

Our online editor is designed to be flexible and customizable, allowing you to adjust the font size, theme, and other settings to suit your preferences. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced SQL user, you can use the editor to practice and refine your skills at your own pace.

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